There’s this thing a lot of furries do.

They’ll get really really nervous if someone “finds out” that they’re a furry. Yeah, “find out”, as if they’re like, coming out of the closet or something. As if they’re partaking in satanic rituals while living with Christians. …

Another one of your games, Penter?

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This is an excerpt from an upcoming untitled fantasy story I am writing. It features a world full of animal characters, and a conflict between a religious theocracy and a faction of separatists who wish to split from what they feel is a tyrannical ruler. …

There’s always the second draft.

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Recently, I became the Dungeon Master for a small Dungeons & Dragons group. A roommate expressed interest in the game, so I threw down for the 5th edition starter and began to run sessions for him and a couple of other roommates.

Then I got the idea to introduce a…

A Crucial Question All Entrepreneurs Must Answer

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In the opening pages of The Fire In Fiction, Donald Maas, head of his own eponymous literary agency in New York, gives us an interesting perspective:

“The more I see, the more I feel that novelists fall into two broad categories: those whose desire is to be published, and those…

The expansion of a story concept, brought to you by sonic paintbrushes.

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Does anyone else feel the curse of having multiple story ideas going on at once?

It’s a bit of a new feeling, as I usually zero in on one story and work on it. But sometimes my mind hears a song and takes off on its own.

The next thing…

You can have a unique idea, but it needs effective marketing.

A new direction for fursuits? Source

Recently, I wrote about how, like it or not, creatives need to get familiar and comfortable with being salesmen.

However, there’s another aspect to this that we should address.

It’s fantastic if you decide to embrace the idea of becoming a salesperson, a business-oriented person with your creative endeavors.


Selling is not dirty. It is useful. And required.

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There was a story I read on here by Derick David that really stuck out to me.

The summary of it is: learn how to be a salesperson. Because when you get down to brass tacks, that’s what you do a lot of, isn’t it? Selling.

Trying to get a…

Why does nobody ever talk about keyboards?

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There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to writing. Things like making sure you write on the right topic, use the right site, come up with the right headline, and a whole lot more.

I’ve noticed that people don’t really talk about the hardware side of things…

It’s not about the views. It’s time.

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It’s amusing the number of “How Much Money I Earned With These Many Views On Youtube” posts there are.

Why is this amusing? It tells me that despite YouTube being around for years, people still don’t quite get what it takes to bring in the racks on YouTube.

Massively Focused View

If you…

When being you lines up with being unique

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I remember something I was told by a co-worker back when I worked at Total Wine & More. She remarked that I was “unapologetically [me].”

Years later that still holds true. I mean, just take a look at my Medium page. I’m not using my real name, and there’s a…

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One of those “Furries” you sometimes hear about. This is pretty much my melting pot where I talk about all kinds of ideas. Usually Furry related.

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